User-centered Analysis and Insight for Product Teams

Our flagship solution delivers a qualitative analysis of your product’s User Interface, with strategic recommendations for better meeting user needs and business goals.

There is no madness to our method.

Introducing UX IQ

We spent 18 months developing a pragmatic approach to assessing and measuring User Interface quality. The result is UX IQ, a user-centered methodology for defining, analyzing, and qualitatively measuring 85 critical factors and attributes of User Experience and User Interface quality.

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A note from Lawrence Black, Founder at Pivoture

“We can help solve one of the biggest challenges product teams face.”

When I broke ground on Pivoture in 2011, I was managing my own products in the lead generation space. At the time, my biggest frustration was that despite my being able to power up my campaigns with A/B tests, dynamic landing pages, and deep analytics, I realized I was still up against (and limited by) the same big challenge each and every product team faces:

The biggest challenge product teams face isn’t in their ability to execute better solutions, but in their ability to better identify the problems that need solving. A/B Testing and Analytics provide valuable insights and clues, but ultimately do little in the way of identifying the specific elements that need to be optimized and enhanced. Furthermore, these tools offer nothing that tells us how to optimize and enhance the UI elements that need to be improved.

This insight led me to ask: How can we more effectively identify the critical UX factors and key UI elements that need to be improved and how can we more systematically optimize these elements for better business results?

I would love to tell you that in my quest to answer this that I developed the grail of optimization, but of course there is no killer app for building a better User Experience. Some problems – particularly those that require qualitative analysis and evaluation – can’t be solved with an algorithm; human centered problems necessitate human centered solutions. This is the job of Product Teams, technology is merely the medium. What we set out to do was add massive value to how Product Teams define and solve human centered problems.

After 18 months diving deep into User Experience and User Interface design, we analyzed thousands of use cases to create a node-level solution for Product Teams that holistically identifies strategic UI and UX improvements to better meet user needs and business goals. We call this approach UX IQ, or User Experience Interface Quality. We believe that by bringing the right Human Factors to the table, we can help solve one of the biggest challenges product teams face.

Best regards,

Lawrence B